Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My New Shower Cap and Bonnet (Product Review)

I was given the amazing opportunity to review some of the AMAZING shower caps and bonnets from MY CELESTIAL SOULS

 Now, I'm one of those people that usually wore a grocery bag  on my head when deep conditioning my hair or giving myself hot oil treatments etc.  The regular shower caps (the thin plastic ones) would always tear easily, wear out, get a stinky smell, etc. So, when I got this shower caps, I was amazed at a point. Check Out My YouTube Video To See All That I Had To Say
The shower cap is a very THICK  plastic that is VERY heavy duty and can hold lots of hair/product inside. It's tight enough around head to keep whatever products you have on our heads inside, but not too tight where it cuts off circulation.

They are REUSABLE as well! 
I HIGHLY recommend these shower caps and bonnets!! You will NOT be disappointed. They are not uncomfortable either. 
Please check out their WEBSITE and go on over to their FACEBOOK, "like' them" and let them know I sent you!

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