Sunday, June 24, 2012

Deep Condition Overnight

For those who claim to have no spare time to do their hair or looking for a way to cut their hair routine time down, try Deep conditioning overnight!
It's a no-brainer right?!

This method is great for busy moms like myself, those who are always on the go and for those who are looking for an intense treatment.
Here's what I do to save time:
I shower and shampoo the night before. I then apply my deep conditioner on my damp t-shirt dried hair. Put on the plastic cap and tie my satin scarf over it for security. Wake up in the morning and rinse. Apply leave-ins and air dry in a bun or you can reverse it: Deep condition on dry hair overnight then co-wash it out in the morning.

This method is great since you don't have to constantly run in and out of the shower or sit under the dryer when you have things to do. I tend to use oils or moisture deep conditioners for the Sleep n Treat method. I would never use a protein based conditioner for this method as I would run the risk of getting hard/stiff hair.
Try it, if you haven't :)

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